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Why this isn’t another complicated time tracking tool

1 in 3 companies uses a time tracking system that’s older than the iPhone. If this is you, you’re likely throwing away tons of time manually calculating and importing time card data for your hourly workers.

With Hourly Time Tracking you can slash payroll errors in half by collecting time data automatically.

Outgrown paper timesheets and Excel?

Are you finding yourself spending more and more time working on time cards? All that manual data entry can add up to some big payroll mistakes.

Wasting precious time on admin work?

Paper and pencil, or the notes app on your phone are "free" but how much of your time are they costing you? Could you spend those hours working to grow your business?

Losing money on labor costs? Time to take control.

Don't rip yourself off. Get a clear picture of your labor costs including payroll taxes and workers' comp insurance in real-time.

Track time in real-time with Hourly

Hourly collects time, task and location data from your workers as it happens and sends it to you in real-time. Need to organize hours by client, project or location? We make it easy.

Sounds good, how does it work?

Hourly is an app you download onto your phone and your workers’ phones. That’s where the magic begins…

Time clock, tasks and locations

Workers open the app on their phone and tap clock in to start the timer. They select the task and location where they’re working and you get all of this information piped to your view in real-time.

GPS and location alerts

You can turn on GPS and geofencing settings to make sure your workers are where they say they are. You can even make sure they only clock in once they’re in the right place.

Time Clock Kiosk

Hourly lets you set up a time clock kiosk on an iPad. Employees can use it to clock in and out, take breaks and request time off. Each employee logs in with a PIN to keep things secure.

See it all in your view

How do you like real-time data at your fingertips? Hourly pipes in all of this time clock data to your phone as it happens so you can see who is working on what tasks, where they are, and your exact labor costs down to the penny by project, location, or worker.

Manual time entries

Not a fan of real-time tracking? We also support manual time entries, so you can quickly add in hours at the end of each day or week.

Easy exports

At the end of each pay period, you can download a report of hours, rate and wages so you can pay your team, create invoices, or do whatever else you need. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF.
“The guys who created Hourly are solving a problem they know firsthand, and it shows. I love that my employees can see their hours at any time on their phone. Onboarding everyone was simple with video tutorials available in English and Spanish."
Ken Friedman
Zega Builders - Menlo Park, CA

Not your average time tracking app

Built for blue-collar
Time and attendance
GPS tracking
Offline mode
Real-time alerts
Overtime and double time
Compliance logs
Notes and photos
Supervisor app
Kiosk mode
Job costing reports
Phone, Web and iPad Apps

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Pricing starts at $8/mo per person but is now free for a limited time.