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Success Story

Angel’s Excavation and Construction

Edgar Ochoa
Angel’s Excavation and Construction
Owner Edgar Ochoa and his colleague standing next to an excavator in shape mask.
San Carlos, California


“Setting up a business is not easy. Hourly helped ease the uncertainty, so I was confident that I was following the best practices.”

Edgar Ochoa
Two men working on the excavation site.

A dream realized with help from Hourly

Edgar Ochoa always dreamed of starting his own business. With humble beginnings, Edgar began his career in construction as a laborer. His strong work ethic and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship allowed him to work his way up the ladder, where he began operating one of the largest excavators, a caterpillar 330. He soon advanced to become a foreman, overseeing large grading and excavation projects. He loved the work he was doing and took pride in helping his employer deliver quality service to each client, but still dreamed of owning and operating his own business.

Tough Questions Answered with Hourly

Edgar finally made the decision to start his business, Angel’s Excavations and Construction, but he had no idea where to start. While he was knowledgeable in grading and excavation, he was not an expert in business and hiring practices. That’s where the professional HR and payroll experts at Hourly stepped in. Assisting Edgar every step of the way, Hourly helped Edgar implement proper business practices,  secure appropriate licenses and aided in applying for his FEIN and EDD number. These critical steps to setting up a business can be complicated and confusing, but Hourly reduced the burden on Edgar and helped him get his business entity up and running.

A man in a maroon shirt standing beside Angel's excavator car, excavating on the upper right side and a man reading the blueprint.

Hiring and Managing Employees

Aside from the process of setting up the business and completing the necessary paperwork, it was time for Edgar to get to work. He couldn’t do it all on his own, he would need to hire employees. He quickly realized it’s not as simple as getting the right people and telling them they’re hired. Managing employees means that he has to establish workers compensation, a proper overtime policy, an employee handbook, and a system to pay each employee properly. Edgar once again turned to Hourly for assistance, and Hourly alleviated the pressure and helped him through the entire process. Teaching Edgar how to employ people and draft an employee handbook, Hourly simplified the undertaking of becoming a business, and also an effective employer.

In the construction industry, safety is one of the most important things to consider when putting people in situations where heavy machinery is used regularly. With Hourly, Angel’s Excavations and Construction developed a proper safety plan to ensure the safety of all employees.

“I never knew there were so many things to consider when hiring and paying employees. Hourly opened my eyes and taught me everything I needed to know to start and grow my business.”
Edgar Ochoa

Structured for Success

With the help of Hourly, Edgar runs his business with confidence and is excited for what the future has in store for his company.

“Starting my own business was intimidating, but Hourly made it so easy.”
Edgar Ochoa

Two men standing on the construction site.

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