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Hourly does a lot, here’s what you get

Filing tax forms and precise workers' comp payments are done for you, and so much more!

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Easy payroll, taxes, and filings

One click taxes

All local, state, and federal payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid when you run payroll.


We issue and file your W-2s and send them to your employees.

Child-support garnishments

When you set these up, we’ll automatically send the payments for you.

Workers' comp payments

Hourly automatically calculates your workers' comp insurance premiums and sends payments based on your actual payroll totals.

All the forms

We use e-file, e-sign and e-fax technologies to file all federal, state, and local payroll tax forms on behalf of your company. That’s one less thing for your to-do list.

Form W-2

Annual report of wages, tips, and other compensation paid to an employee, as well as the employee's taxes withheld.

Form 1099

Annual report of payments made to an unincorporated business or independent contractor.

Form 940

Annual report of all wages, tax liabilities and payments made under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).

Form 941

Quarterly reports of federal wages, tax withheld from employees, employer's portion of Social Security or Medicare tax, and total tax deposits.

State and local

We file these too. California only for the moment but we’re adding more states soon.

Time tracking

Time and attendance

Track time and attendance for your employees and contractors.

GPS and geofencing

See where your team is on the map, and designate areas where they are allowed to clock in and out.

Manager approved overtime

Want to control your overtime costs? You can require manager approval for any shifts over 8 hours.

Enforce time card approvals

With this setting, employees must sign their time cards before they get paid.

Mandatory breaks

Set up mandatory breaks for your employees.

Clock out reminders

Employees get a reminder to clock out if they’ve been working more than 8 hours or change locations.

Workers' comp

Instant certificate of insurance

As long as you’re currently insured, you can create a valid certificate of insurance instantly.

Automatic workers’ comp payments

Each month we automatically calculate your workers’ comp insurance premiums and send payments based on your total monthly payroll.

Flexible payroll features

Unlimited payroll runs

Run payroll as many times as you like at no extra cost.

Contractor payments

Pay contractors through Hourly, included in our low monthly price.

Unlimited bonus and off-cycle payrolls

You don’t need to wait until the next pay period to pay employees.

Easy cancellations

Cancel payroll with two clicks.

Flexible payment schedules

Pay your team weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a month.


Add deductions pre-tax for benefits, or post-tax for things like garnishments.

Hourly and salaried employees

We support both!


Deduct employee garnishments. For child-support garnishments, we automatically send payments to the state for you once you’ve set up the deduction in Hourly.

Employee Expenses

Approve and pay employee expenses when you run payroll.

Next-day direct deposit

Run payroll when it's convenient for you up until your payroll deadline. Hold onto your money until payday.

Real-time locations, tasks, and job costing

See cost breakdowns by location, task or employee as the work happens and get valuable insights into your business.

Advanced payroll features

Payroll reports

Generate and download reports in Excel and PDF formats.

Integrated pre-tax benefits

Automatically deduct benefits such as medical insurance, 401(k), and more, from your payroll.

Prevailing Wages

Need to use prevailing wages for a specific project? We support that.

Employee management

Direct deposit

Your employees’ paychecks go straight to their bank accounts.

Paperless employee onboarding

New employees fill out their info in the app, including contact information, bank account details, and W-4s.

Digital paystubs

Employees receive an email each payday, which you can personalize with your own notes.

Vacation and sick policies

Set time-off policies and track vacation and sick balances for your employees.

Employee self-onboarding

Workers onboard themselves in just a few minutes using their phone. Once they do, they can see their pay stubs and W2s any time, and even adjust withholdings and set up direct deposit.

Document control center

Managers have the ability to create and manage document templates (i.e., Employee Handbook, Employee W4, Safety Manuals, etc.) Additionally, they can send one or more documents to employees to be signed through DocuSign.

Pay card

Give employees immediate access to their pay using a reloadable debit card.

Online and on the go

Hassle-free payroll setup and onboarding

Our world-class customer success team is here to get you onboarded and takes care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Mobile and web

Access your account and run payroll any time on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Digital signatures

Make paper a thing of the past. Sign all your forms using your finger in the Hourly app.

Email payroll reminders

So you never miss a payroll run.


Add your accountant, bookkeeper, or other team members to help you with payroll.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get started with a free time tracking trial today and add features as you go.

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