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Writing Job Descriptions that Attract Top Talent

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August 21, 2023

When you’re trying to fill open roles at your company, you want to attract the most qualified candidates for each position. And while each step of the hiring process (for example, sourcing and interviewing potential candidates) plays a key role in helping you find the right candidate for your new position, there’s one step that often gets overlooked that can make it easier and faster to connect with the kind of people you want to hire—and that’s the job description.

The right job description can make a huge difference in your hiring process, making it easier to attract the talent you want at your company. But what, exactly, does the “right” job description look like? How can you write your job description in a way that not only grabs the attention of your ideal candidate—but shows them that the role you’re hiring for is the next best step in their career?

Let’s take a look at how to write an effective job description (including some examples to inspire your writing process).

What Is a Job Description—And What Should a Good Job Description Include?

A job description is a summary of everything potential candidates need to know to evaluate an opportunity. The more relevant information you include in your job description, the easier it is for candidates to understand the opportunity—and to determine whether it’s right for them.

While the content of job descriptions will vary by role (for example, a job description for a marketing manager will read differently than a job description for an administrative assistant, a web developer, or a call center representative), there are a number of key elements that all job descriptions should include. 

These must-have elements include:

Tips For Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions is an art; while the elements listed above will act as the foundation of an effective job description, if you want to attract quality candidates, you need to build on that foundation and take things to the next level.

Here are a few tips to write more compelling job descriptions—and find and hire the best people in the process:

Job Description Examples 

Need a little inspiration to write your own great job descriptions? Here are a few sample job descriptions (courtesy of Hourly!) to help get the creative juices flowing:

Associate Underwriter

Welcome to Hourly! We’re laser-focused on taking something that’s complicated and scary—paying your team, payroll taxes and workers’ comp insurance—and making it super simple. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated, so let’s build a simpler future together! Join us and become an integral part of this exciting journey.

The ASSOCIATE UNDERWRITER will support our Underwriters who are responsible for the elevation, selection, acceptance, rejection, pricing and servicing of workers’ compensation insurance policies within accepted company procedures and guidelines.



Payroll Sales Advisor

Hourly is looking for entrepreneurial spirited team players who are excited to help build the future of workers’ comp and payroll. At Hourly, we are building the most advanced insurtech and payroll platform that seamlessly integrates with our workers’ comp offering, simplifying the entire process for business owners and our insurance agency partners. We’re growing fast and we’re looking for a talented, passionate Payroll Sales Advisor. We offer an attractive compensation and benefits package with the opportunity for residual income. This position will report to the Director of Payroll Sales.

Our payroll sales organization is growing and we are excited to hire the next member of our team. This position is 100% remote. We’re seeking an experienced sales professional with a track record of success in payroll and HCM sales. As a payroll sales advisor, you will be working closely with our insurance distribution team to identify potential payroll sales opportunities, as well as identifying other opportunities to generate and close new business.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Here’s what you’ll do:

Here’s the perks and benefits you’ll enjoy:

Get Out There And Write Compelling Job Descriptions

A job description is often the first exposure quality candidates have to the opportunities available at your company. And now that you know how to write compelling job descriptions, you have everything you need to write the kind of job listings that grab your ideal candidates’ attention—and show them why your job is the right job for them. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get writing!

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