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Success Story

Fast Lane Tires

Juan and Shannon Baltazar
Fast Lane Tires
Fast Lane Tires team
Wildomar, California


“The true value of Hourly is the ability to expand our business in a super easy and convenient way. Our employees love it as well. Hourly gives them a sense of security knowing they’re on a good payroll system.”

—Shannon Baltazar

Scale Up Fast: How Hourly Payroll Drove Fast Lane Tires into a New Era

Fast Lane Tires owners Juan and Shannon Baltazar started their business in 2015 as a retail tire distributor specializing in new and used tires for passenger trucks, light trucks, trailers, tractors, and commercial vehicles as well as other automotive parts. Today the company is still family-owned and operated, employing four people with an eye on growing the team in the future.

Workers’ Comp + Payroll That Supports Growth

Business was booming for Juan and Shannon Baltazar and they needed to hire more employees immediately to keep up with demand at their shop in Wildomar, CA.

The Baltazar family had always handled payroll themselves but as the team grew, things got complicated. It was no longer feasible to manage payroll on their own. 

“We looked into using a payroll service so that we could expand,” explained Shannon. “We’ve never used an outside payroll company before but we couldn’t continue to process payroll in-house and grow quickly. It was just too much.” 

Juan and Shannon knew they needed help and turned to Hourly to support their business’s exciting growth. 

“Hourly’s unlimited payroll runs attracted me as a customer. Before we started using Hourly, our team got paid weekly. That schedule was something I didn’t want to change, especially since the team is dependent on those weekly paychecks. Other providers charge extra fees to run payroll weekly but Hourly doesn’t. That’s one of  Hourly’s most unique and attractive features.”

Another unique feature? Hourly uses the payroll data to calculate workers’ comp premiums in real-time. This means businesses like Fast Lane Tires never overpay for workers’ comp coverage and the workers comp audit is a breeze. 

Shannon admits she was worried the platform would be too complicated or create a lot of work. She quickly discovered how simple Hourly is.

“It’s super easy to run payroll. The system is really user-friendly. I can run it right from my phone. If I’m out and remember that I forgot to run it, I can just press a button on my phone and it’s done.”

What’s next for Fast Lane Tires?  

“Since signing on with Hourly, we’ve moved into a second building and already hired one more employee. We are planning to hire even more folks next year. I’d say that’s pretty good!”

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