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Success Story

Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels

Maria Moya
Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels
Maria Moya with her colleague working behind the counter in shape mask.
Palo Alto, California


“I was spending half a day each pay cycle correcting mistakes from our old time tracking system. Hourly has given me my time back.”

Maria Moya
Three women working at the store counter.

From disjointed systems to a fully integrated platform

Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels, a 20-year-old successful bagel shop with two locations, was constantly finding a disconnect between its time tracking and payroll processes. Maria Moya, the General Manager of both locations, experienced mounting frustration as she continued to dedicate a significant amount of time at the end of each pay period to processing corrections.

In addition to the lost time, inaccuracies plagued the time tracking system that Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels relied on to properly pay employees. The system, fraught with errors, caused the business to pay a higher amount to employees because of the mistakes.

Maria knew there had to be a better way to manage employees. She shared her experiences with the business owner, Israel Rind, who always seeks out ways to optimize technology in his business. This spurred the search for a better time tracking and payroll system.

More mistakes, more headaches

Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels previously used an electronic time clock on the wall for time tracking, and employees would physically clock in and out when they arrived and left the restaurant. Several employees work at both locations and would forget to clock out at one location before clocking in at the other.

With multiple open entries, Maria was forced to reconcile these errors on payday, two weeks after the fact, often paying employees more due to their own errors. The unsophisticated time tracking device held all of the data locally without real-time visibility until it was accessed at the end of the pay period. This meant that Maria was always working from behind, correcting errors or mistakes considerably after they happened. This messy way of tracking time was costing the business time and money.

Maria chose to get rid of the physical time tracking device for Hourly, a fully integrated mobile time tracking and payroll platform. With Hourly, employees can clock in from their smartphone when they arrive at the restaurant, and Maria can see where employees are and how many hours they’re working in real-time.

She can watch the cost of payroll calculate automatically as employees are working. Now, mistakes aren’t spotted long after the fact, they’re spotted immediately so any inaccuracies can be addressed instantaneously. This, along with the payroll functionality, cut down substantially on the amount of time Maria spends correcting time tracking discrepancies.

A woman in red smiling outside the restaurant, a woman in the kitchen is making a sandwich to be displayed on the table.

Artificial dependencies obstructed payroll process

Prior to Hourly, once the data from the time tracking machine was sorted out and the corrections were made, Maria would send the information over to their accountant so payroll could be processed. As a result, the business relied heavily on the accountant, having to meet their deadlines for each pay period so that paychecks would be issued on time. Maria would often find herself scrambling to meet this deadline every two weeks, already behind schedule because of the corrections she made.

The process was too hard to manage and Maria was getting more disgruntled with each pay period that passed. When Hourly was introduced, Maria found just how easy payroll can be. No matter where she is, Maria can pay employees immediately. Gone are the days of scrambling to meet third-party deadlines and trying to reconcile all of the time tracking data.

Now, the automated process takes care of the calculations and adds up payroll, taxes and all affiliated costs for the business. All Maria needs to do is review and pay employees. These days, processing payroll for Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels is a breeze.

“After vetting other time tracking and payroll solutions, we decided to go with Hourly and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our choice. Now, I can pay all of our employees quickly, knowing precisely how much we are spending on payroll.”
Maria Moya

Introducing automation provides more benefits for Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels

After careful vetting, Maria chose to implement Hourly time tracking and payroll software to manage employees’ hours and payroll. Maria knew they would be getting a mobile program where employees could clock in and out directly from their smartphone. She also knew she would be able to process payroll at any time, with just the touch of a button, removing her dependency on the accountant’s deadlines.

What she didn’t know was all of the other benefits that would come with Hourly’s seamless platform. Other time tracking systems struggle with midnight transitions. The bakers at Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels work overnight, baking the delicious bagels served at restaurants. Many time tracking systems fail to properly process the transition from one day to the next at midnight.

The Hourly system knows how to manage midnight transitions so that the bakers’ timesheets are always recorded correctly. Hourly’s mobile interface also eliminates the occurrence of buddy punching, where one employee clocks in another before they arrived at the restaurant. Now, each employee who clocks in must have their phone present at the location to begin tracking time.

With the ability to see in real-time where employees are working and their weekly hours worked, Maria can correct any issues instantly, which significantly cuts down on the hours she spends managing employees’ time each week. Hourly also provides granular data, so Maria can see the cost of payroll separated by location.

These capabilities provide far more insights into their business than they’ve ever had before, allowing them to improve operations and spot inefficiencies almost immediately. Israel, the business owner, was skeptical at first. After seeing the transformation that Hourly had on his business, he was convinced of its advantages and would recommend Hourly to any business owner.

I’ve been searching for ways to automate my business and cut down on mistakes. Hourly’s seamless platform is optimizing technology in new ways, saving us money and frustration.
Israel Rind

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