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Success Story

Mediterranean Wraps

Bader Khalil
Mediterranean Wraps
Bader Khalil and his colleagues preparing food behind the counter in shape mask.


Paycheck overcharged and under-delivered. I was constantly calling the support line but was not receiving the help I needed.

Bader Khalil
Four men are working at the restaurant counter.

Hourly eliminates a headache around payroll

Mediterranean Wraps, a Palo Alto restaurant, is a staple in the local community, successfully serving hungry customers for over 20 years. While their food is always delicious, one not so tasty aspect of their business was the payroll process. The restaurant was thriving but the general manager, Bader Khalil, found their payroll systems to be complicated and time-consuming. Bader was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations but was mired constantly in payroll problems, having to call customer service to sort out confusion surrounding the system.

The restaurant has 12 employees that are paid twice a month. Processing payroll meant that Bader was spending a significant amount of time ensuring that each employee was paid correctly. When he did run into roadblocks, the previous system failed to provide the support they needed. As his annoyance grew, so did his resolve to fix the problem and find a new solution to process payroll.

Challenging the status quo with Hourly

Despite a decade of experience with the old systems, the stakeholders at Mediterranean Wraps were eager to find a better payroll solution. When they learned about Hourly, they decided to take a chance and try out the new system. They were blown away by the simplicity and ease of implementation, while Bader was thrilled by the automation the Hourly system offered. It took no time at all to transition to the Hourly platform, and their local rep helped Bader every step of the way to ensure he was comfortable using the new system. He now experiences a pleasant payroll experience, with the confidence that the platform is backed by reliable customer service. With Hourly, Bader finds people who are eager to answer his questions, and helpful in resolving issues quickly.

By abandoning the systems that Mediterranean Wraps employed for over a decade, they found a system that works better for their business. Hourly delivers a simple interface that allows payroll to be completed seamlessly and efficiently. Implementing Hourly has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to complete payroll, from the simplified automation to the responsiveness of the staff. Bader is proud that Mediterranean Wraps chose to challenge the status quo and introduce a new payroll solution.

Our experience with Hourly has been amazing, and we are looking forward to adding more of their features to our business very soon.
Bader Khalil

A man smiling outside the resto, a kitchen worker scraping shwarma meat, and 2 men at the store counter.

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