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Success Story

Babka by Ayelet

Ayelet Nuchi
Babka by Ayelet
Ayelet Nuchi standing next to her business in shape mask.


Hourly helped me get my business off the ground by establishing my HR processes and reducing the stress around hiring my first employees. Working with Hourly is one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

Ayelet Nuchi
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Hourly removes the stress from hiring employees for the first time

Ayelet Nuchi, a pastry chef and baker from Palo Alto always knew that one day she would start her own bakery. Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, she was known for her delectable babka, a traditional Jewish chocolate cake.

Her hard work earned her a spot as a pastry chef at Spago, a renowned Wolfgang Puck restaurant from Beverly Hills. She spent years dreaming about opening her own bakery and recently made the decision to dive in and start her business. The decision thrilled her, but once she began researching the mountain of paperwork and navigating the confusing process of opening a business, that enthusiasm quickly waned. Ayelet was an expert when it came to baking. She could whip up some of the best babkas anyone in Palo Alto ever tasted, but when it came to starting a business, she had no experience. She turned to the experts at Hourly to help implement payroll and HR processes and set up systems to manage her employees. From the very first conversation, she knew that she was in good hands with Hourly.

A comprehensive, customized solution to navigate the complexities of HR

Securing licenses, an FEIN, EDD number, workers’ compensation. It all sounded like a foreign language to Ayelet. The list of tasks and confusion around what she needed to begin doing business left her feeling helpless. She was now the sole person responsible for her success until Hourly. Her local Hourly rep took the time to listen to her needs and create a customized plan to empower her future success. The knowledgeable staff at Hourly worked through every stage of starting a business with her, from applying for FEIN and EDD numbers, obtaining workers comp insurance and ensuring she had the proper licenses, educating her on appropriate hiring practices and even setting up time tracking and payroll for her employees. Now, Ayelet has a complete system in place to initiate her new hires and pay them properly, even taking into account the complicated overtime calculations. With Hourly, Ayelet received an all-in-one solution that provided her with the expertise and instruction she needed to begin her new business successfully.

“Hourly is the total package! They helped me secure proper documentation, set up policies, and manage employees. I am truly grateful for their knowledge and expertise.”
Ayelet Nuchi

Going above and beyond to empower continued success

Hourly was instrumental in getting Ayelet’s business ready for opening, in more ways than Ayelet could have imagined. When she began working with Hourly, she knew she would be getting assistance with common HR practices as well as an integrated platform that provides time-tracking and payroll functionality so she can manage and pay her employees. What she didn’t realize is that she would be getting her own personal business consultant. Her local Hourly rep acted as a full-service concierge, offering her advice when it came to implementing POS systems and recommending other essential services. Her Hourly rep went the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of her business was set up for success while educating her on standard business practices. With Hourly, Ayelet is poised for success.

“I wholeheartedly would recommend Hourly to anyone looking to start their own business!”
Ayelet Nuchi

Hourly allows business owners to focus on what they do best

Ayelet had a simple mission, to make the best babkas in Palo Alto. In pursuit of that mission, she had to take on risk and responsibilities in areas where she had no experience. Beginning by securing a location, all the way to employing people, Ayelet needed to learn quickly to get her business up and running. Hourly gave her exactly what she needed when it came to employing people and working through the legal requirements behind owning a business. Their expert service and attention to detail allowed Ayelet to continue chasing her passion without having to worry about hiring and paying her employees. Being able to hone in on her strengths are what will keep customers coming back to get their hands on her delicious babkas.

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our pledge is simple: if our platform doesn’t meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your subscription cost for the first 90 days of service.

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