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How Can I Grow My Electrical Contracting Business

Growing your electrical contracting businessGrowing your electrical contracting business
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August 21, 2023

As an electrical contractor and business owner, you want your electrical business to be as successful and lucrative as possible—and that means leveraging different strategies to connect with potential customers, get the word out about your company, and drive business growth.

But how, exactly, do you do that?

Let’s take a look at a few actionable tips you can take to increase your exposure, build your customer base, and grow your electrical contracting business:

Develop your marketing plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re in start-up mode and trying to get a new business off the ground or looking for ways to expand a well-established electrical contractor business—if you want your marketing to be effective, you need a plan.

Your marketing plan is like a road map; it outlines where you are now, where you’re trying to go, and—most importantly—how to get there. 

Marketing plans will vary from business to business, but every plan should include:

Like the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail—so if you want to successfully grow your electrical contracting business, make sure you invest the time in planning your marketing strategy.

Focus on your digital presence

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to target your customers where they already are. And in 2020, where your new customers are is online.

Having a strong digital presence is a must when building your electrical contracting business. There are a few different areas you want to focus on when building your digital presence:

Leverage existing customers for referrals

One of the best opportunities for finding new customers and growing your business? Tapping into your existing customer base.

Word of mouth marketing can be one of the most effective ways to find new clients and grow your business. Because the potential customer was recommended to your business by someone they know (like a friend or family member), there is already a baseline of trust—which makes it easier for you to convert them from “potential customer” to “paying customer.”

Ask your existing clients if they have any friends, family members, or colleagues who might need an electrician—and, if so, if they’d be willing to refer that friend, family member, or colleague to your business. If you really want to drive your word of mouth marketing, incentivize your existing customers to send new clients your way (for example, by offering them a discount on their next service).

Bottom line? People feel more comfortable doing business with a new company or service provider if they hear about it from someone they trust—so ask your existing clients to help spread the word.

Partner with other local businesses to increase your exposure and expand your customer base

If you want to grow your electrical contracting business, you need to get in front of as many potential customers as possible.

And a great way to do that? Partnering with other businesses that have a similar customer base.

Look for other businesses in your area that do another type of work that your potential customers might need—and see if you can join forces to increase the exposure for both of your businesses.

So, for example, as an electrical contractor, you would want to partner with other businesses in the home services category (like plumbers, home improvement retailers, or landscape architects). There are a variety of ways you can work with other businesses, including:

Bottom line? Partnering with similar businesses in your area can help you get your foot in the door with their customers—and can ultimately help you grow your business.

Go and grow your electrical contracting business

Knowing how to find new customers, expand your reach, and drive revenue can be challenging. But with these tips, you have everything you need to effectively market and grow your electrical contracting business—and take your company to the next level in the process.

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