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The Best Workforce Management Software to Grow Your Business

Workforce Management Software To Grow Your BusinessWorkforce Management Software To Grow Your Business
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August 21, 2023

As the old adage goes, it takes a village to build something great—and a small business is no exception. But with a lean team and limited resources, many business owners rely on modern technology to simplify and automate their daily operations. If you want to take your small business to the next level, check out the workforce management solutions below. From human capital management to creating employee schedules, you're bound to find a workforce management software to get the job done.


Once you've hired a few employees, it's important to make sure they are compensated for their hard work. You could spend the entire day crunching numbers and fumbling through timesheets, or just could download Hourly. As a platform that integrates time tracking and payroll onto one mobile app, Hourly makes it possible to monitor your employee's work hours and timesheets from your smartphone or iPad. Hourly uses GPS and geofencing to accurately record when employees clock in and clock out in real-time. Business owners can enforce set start times, lunch breaks and an eight-hour workday. If your employee is burning the midnight oil, Hourly will automatically calculate overtime wages based on local labor laws. 

Hourly App Employer's View: Employee Lookup

Learn more about Hourly here.​​​​


Hiring a roster of eager, experienced employees is the key to turning your big idea into a bustling small business. But, since most small business owners have lean teams, they don't necessarily have the resources to dedicate to talent acquisition. Fortunately, a talent management software called Greenhouse is here to help. This service offers business owners a user-friendly platform to post jobs and attract top talent. Once you've found a few viable candidates, you can use Greenhouse's applicant tracking tools to evaluate interviews to better help the decision-making process. Once you find your dream employee, you can also use Greenhouse to easily integrate your new hire with existing team members. 

Greenhouse workforce management software preview.

Learn more about Greenhouse here

Bamboo HR 

Consider Bamboo HR your virtual human resources department. Compatible with web, iPhones, and Androids, this HR software collects and organizes information through an employee's lifecycle. Have a new hire joining the team? Bamboo HR is equipped with onboarding tools and forms so you can spend more time focusing on the employee. The platform's performance management feature will be put to good use once your new hire gets settled. Bamboo HR offers an easy, user-friendly way to take notes and keep tabs on employee performance. Once it's time for an annual performance review, you can use Bamboo HR to compare your employees individually, by department, or across the company.

A homepage for online Bamboo workforce platform.

Learn more about Bamboo HR here. 


Unlike a corporate office, where most employees have the same work hours as their colleagues, a restaurant divides its staff into shifts. If you want to simplify employee scheduling, check out 7Shifts, a workforce management system for budding restaurateurs. This scheduling software makes managing shifts as easy as dragging and dropping boxes onto a schedule. The platform will automatically alert you if your schedule will lead to overtime or breeches any labor compliance laws. If your employees want to take a vacation, they can request time off or a shift exchange through the platform.

7Shifts' web schedule dashboard.

Learn more about 7Shifts here


Make task management easy with the help of Trello. Each Trello account consists of a board that outlines the task at hand as well as cards that break down smaller steps. Business owners can make comments, add members, and upload attachments to cards. As your project progresses, you can drag and drop each card to a new list to help you stay organized. Trello has three lists — "To Do," "Doing," and "Done" — but you can always add and rename lists to create a customizable workflow. Best of all, this platform is free so it won't add to your company's bottom line. 

Trello deck Taco's Tacos.

Learn more about Trello here


Or, if you want to take task management to a more granular level, give Monday a try. Similar to Trello, this platform tracks the progress of big projects and looming deadlines. The mobile-friendly app allows team members to share feedback and collaborate with their colleagues anytime, anywhere. Instead of moving a card into a new list, Monday users can update their project's status to "Stuck," "Working on It," or "Done." That way, you can have a clear understanding of your team's progress and solve any issues as they arise.

Monday Team Projects dashboard preview.

Learn more about Monday here


Keeping tabs on your money is a huge part of managing your business, and Wave is here to make it easy. Designed for small businesses, sole proprietors, and freelancers, Wave is an intuitive software solution for managing your money. This platform syncs up with your bank account so you can track your expenses, balance your books, and be prepared once tax season rolls around. If you're offering professional services to clients, Wave will whip up a professional invoice template so you can get paid on time. 

Wave App dashboard preview.

Learn more about Wave here. ​​​​


Whether your employees are working from home or spending their days on-site, there's a good chance your team is constantly on-the-go. Turn your company into a mobile workforce with the help of Pronto. Compatible with both iPhone and Androids, this mobile app makes it possible to chat with colleagues or participate in a video conference on the go. Pronto understands that not every employee is tech-savvy, so the app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. All you need is a wireless connection and the app downloaded on your phone. Since Pronto offers an easy way to communicate with team members on every rung of the corporate ladder, you can send out a company-wide message so everyone can stay in the loop. 

Pronto workforce management software preview.

Learn more about Pronto here.


If you're on the hunt for a workforce management solution that does a little bit of everything, have a look at Kronos. This option combines human capital management and workforce management into one easy-to-use platform. If you want a comprehensive way to record the employee lifecycle, Kronos' intuitive system can do everything from talent acquisition, to benefits administration, to evaluating employee performance. Business owners can also use Kronos' workforce management solution to monitor daily operations. Whether you want to track time and attendance, collect data, or monitor labor activities, Kronos will help keep your company running smoothly.  

Kronos workforce management solution sample profile view.

Learn more about Kronos here

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