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Fiscus Insurance

Chase Fiscus
Fiscus Insurance
Chase Fiscus
Simi Valley, California
Agents & Brokers


“The commercial auto market is a mess. It’s important to find savings and value where we can along other lines of coverage. We’re able to accomplish that and save insureds money with Hourly.”

—Chase Fiscus, Fiscus Commercial Insurance Services, Inc. (FCIS)

Fiscus Insurance’s Answer to a Hard Market? Hourly 

After being inspired by his father’s career as a State Farm agent, Chase Fiscus established Fiscus Commercial Insurance Services in Simi Valley, California when he was just nineteen. Today, fifteen years later, workers’ comp makes up nearly half of his agency’s business.

Non-renewals, Cancellations, High Premiums

When Chase Fiscus’s clients saw their commercial insurance rates skyrocket, they freaked out. But who wouldn’t? Chase needed a way to calm their nerves.

“Premiums for property and commercial auto insurance are through the roof,” said Chase. “It’s a mess. I see it every day among our clients—someone’s policy didn’t get renewed or was canceled. They might have been paying $18,000 for auto last year and now their renewal is $60,000. Wow!”  

To make matters worse, most insureds can’t do much to get the ballooning cost under control. Many of his clients are contractors who are dependent on vehicle fleets to complete their work—they can’t always reduce the number of vehicles they use. Customers can’t shop around for better deals either because insurers across the state are charging eye-watering high rates. 

Workers' Comp Eases the Pain

To help ease the sticker shock, Chase and his team turned to Hourly.

“In this tough market, price is a very important factor to insureds and when I can show them Hourly and say, ‘Hey, I have a good price and a good product,’ they listen.”

Chase noted that Hourly has helped his agency balance out soaring commercial auto premiums. His agency looks for any opportunities to find savings and reduce costs—and keep the agency’s retention rate robust. 

“We leave no rock unturned. We look at clients’ entire portfolios,” explained Chase. “Having Hourly is beneficial because we can save a client $20,000 on workers’ comp and they’ll be really excited about that. We know that their auto insurance will probably go up $20,000 next year. But with Hourly, they’re still able to afford that increase.”

Keeping Retention Strong in Choppy Waters

In addition to staying competitive and finding hidden savings for clients, Chase’s strategy helps retention. Clients appreciate his agency’s commitment to saving them money and, in turn, they renew their policies year after year. 

The numbers speak for themselves: He’s seen a 40% increase in renewals since working with Hourly.

“Our strategy keeps our retention strong and we find savings for clients. We’re not completely blowing their insurance budget when another line of coverage goes up. It’s all about managing that message for clients and looking at other lines of coverage—like workers’ comp—where we can save them money. Our clients see this and they end up sticking with us for the long haul.” 

Are you an independent agent interested in working with Hourly? Please visit hourly.io/agent to learn more and see if your agency qualifies.

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Our pledge is simple: if our platform doesn’t meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your subscription cost for the first 90 days of service.

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