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8 Best CRM Software Platforms for Insurance Agents

8 Best CRM Software Platforms for Insurance Agents8 Best CRM Software Platforms for Insurance Agents
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August 21, 2023

You’re a successful insurance agent, and you have a system to keep track of your insureds that works for you (even if you haven’t updated that system in years… or decades). So why not stick with what you’re used to? Because life could be a whole lot easier. 


If you’re still using documents or Excel spreadsheets to manage your clients, it might be time to think about a Customer Relationship Management system, also known as a CRM. CRM is essentially software that can help you manage your clients, quotes, policies, and other data. 

The best CRM solutions for insurance agents also offer tools that help you grow your business, like automating marketing and follow-up emails.

Many CRM systems available today are software as a service (SaaS) solutions. SaaS products make it easy to sign up and begin adding clients, and they’re often billed on a subscription basis.

Keep reading to discover the best CRM software for insurance agents and how to pick the right one for you.

Why Insurance Agents Need CRM Software

Every day, insurance agents juggle numerous tasks. If you don’t streamline your processes and manage your time well, your workload can overwhelm you.

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll forget some mission-critical tasks and risk losing insureds. In the best-case scenario, you’ll simply stress yourself out…and that doesn’t sound too fun either.

Insurance CRM software helps agents and insurance brokers organize their leads, insureds, and tasks to work more effectively. 

Specifically, your CRM will help you improve your task management, follow-up emails, and marketing efforts.

CRM Features for the Insurance Industry

CRM software originated as a tool for salespeople. While insurance agents sell products, there are several essential tasks unique to the insurance business. 

The best CRM software for insurance agents should meet the specific business needs of the insurance industry. 

When looking for a customer management solution, you should find a provider that offers features such as:

Industry-specific CRM features, like those listed below, will make a massive difference in your overall productivity.

Top CRM Software Platforms for Insurance Agents

There are a few different options when choosing a CRM for your insurance business. You have insurance agency management software companies that also offer CRM solutions (such as Radiusbob or AgencyBloc).

Alternatively, you can look at sales CRM software systems that include specialized insurance management tools (such as Zoho or Freshworks). 

Below, you’ll find eight of the best CRM solutions for insurance agents to streamline their sales processes and create the best customer experience possible.

1. Radiusbob

Radiusbob offers lead management and CRM software for insurance agents. Fun fact: the word “bob” in its name is short for “book of business.” 

Radiusbob is one of the more widely-used insurance software solutions since it’s built specifically for the insurance industry. Agents and large companies use it to streamline communications with insureds. It’s a highly customizable CRM with the option to purchase phone services for call centers.

Key Radiusbob features:

Best insurance CRM for: Agents looking for a CRM and VoIP solution.

Price: Plans start at $34/month. RadiusBob offers a 14-day free trial. 

2. AgencyBloc 

AgencyBloc dashboard video

AgencyBloc is specifically designed to meet the needs of life and health insurance agencies. It’s the number one recommended insurance agency management system with CRM built-in. 

AgencyBloc’s packed with features specific to the insurance industry, such as a commissions calculator.

Key AgencyBloc features:

Best insurance CRM for: Health and life insurance agencies

Price: Plans start at $65/month. AgencyBloc offers a free trial.

3. Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM software can be adapted to several industries, including insurance. Agents use it to maintain relationships with insureds, generate leads, and automate workflows to increase efficiency. 

Zoho CRM lets you communicate with policyholders using various channels, including email, phone, live chat, and social media.

Key Zoho CRM features:

Best insurance CRM for: Omnichannel communication

Price: Plans start at $14/month when billed annually. Zoho offers a flexible free trial.

4. Applied Epic (formerly SEMCAT)

Applied Epic software empowers insurance agents to manage all of their relationships and processes in one place. 

Agents can manage both property and casualty benefits (get quotes, issue policies, etc.) using the Applied Epic. The software also makes it easy to connect to all insurers through the IVANS Exchange. 

Key Applied Epic features:

Best insurance CRM for: Individual agents.

Price: Contact Applied Epic for pricing.

5. Freshworks

Freshworks CRM offers a solution catered to insurance agents. The software aims to help agents optimize productivity and build a business focused on relationships. By helping agents automate and streamline tasks such as paperwork and meeting scheduling, Freshworks gives them more time to spend on meaningful interactions with their insureds.

As a bonus, Freshworks offers a “Free Forever” plan that doesn’t limit the number of users you add.

Key Freshworks CRM features:

Best insurance CRM for: Insurance agents that need a free CRM solution.

Price: Offers “Free Forever” plan. Premium plans start at $29/user/month when billed annually.

6. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft offers sales engagement software intended for the inside sales rep. It offers features such as pre-recorded voice messages, dynamic call scripting, and automatic interaction tracking. The company’s insurance solutions are effective for new and experienced agents. 

Key VanillaSoft features:

Best insurance CRM for: Inside sales teams.

Price: $100/month for first user, $80/user/month for additional users. VanillaSoft offers discounted rates for plans billed annually.

7. Insureio 

Insureio software leverages sales and marketing automation to help insurance agents manage leads and grow their book of business. 

In particular, Insureio lets agencies get quotes from over 40 of the top carriers for life, disability, and annuities. 

Key Insureio features:

Best insurance CRM for: Life, disability, and annuity sales.

Price: Plans begin at $25/month. Insureio offers a 30-day free trial.

8. Insly

Insly is a simple insurance software built by a team with a long history in insurance and technology. Agents and brokers can create an account and begin adding clients within minutes on Insly’s cloud-based CRM that includes an instant broker portal.

Key Insly features:

Best insurance CRM for: Users who want a simple interface or a cloud-based CRM.

Price: Insly has one plan priced at $59/user/month. Insly offers a free trial and optional extra features.

Choose the Right Software for You

Choosing the right CRM system depends on several factors, such as your business’s size and the products you sell. 

Agencies can benefit from using the CRM offered by their agency management system. Individual agents, insurance brokers, and small businesses may find that a CRM software adapted for insurance gives them the best value. 

Either way, it’s essential to do your research and find the tools that best support your business growth. 

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