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Templates for Business Moving Announcement Letter

Business Moving AnnouncementBusiness Moving Announcement
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August 21, 2023

Moving can be one of the most exciting and stressful events in your life, and planning an office move means even more loose ends that need to be tied up. 

As a business owner, it's important to let your employees, clients, and vendors know when and where you'll be moving so no one is left out to dry on the big day. You can share these changes in writing with an office relocation announcement letter.

But who needs these letters, exactly, and when do they need them? And how should they be worded? 

In order to help relieve a bit of pressure before the big move, we've created a guide on what to put in your relocation announcement letters for your employees, customers, and vendors. Plus, we've included moving announcement letter templates that you can adjust as needed. So, let's get started!

What's A Business Moving Announcement Letter?

A business moving announcement letter is an official notice for anyone who needs to know your business will be relocating to a new location.

Everyone you work with should be informed of the change so they can make the necessary adjustments to transition with you. 

Here are the main groups you'll want to get in touch with (and when you should tell them):

  • Customers: If customers come to your business location or ship things to you frequently, they may also need a month's notice. For example, if you have a customer who walks to your current location–but will need to drive or take transit to your new one–this gives them some time to get used to that change and figure out the best time of day to make the journey. Online customers can remain blissfully unbothered.
  • Employees: Your team members need to know where to show up for work so they can adjust their commutes, which may mean a different driving route or morning routine. Give them one month's notice to get everything in order. It's enough time to tweak their schedules but not too much time to let rumors run wild. 
  • Vendors: Many vendors may need at least three weeks to process a business relocation letter. While many businesses allow you to change your address on their website, it is also key to double-check that you are not moving out of their service area and to ensure there will be no disruption in service.
  • State business registration offices: Register with your state so you can be sure all official communications, such as legal notices and tax notifications, are sent to the correct address. That way, you have the info you need to stay in compliance with state laws.

What to Include in Your Business Address Change Announcement Letter

Here's the baseline info you'll want to put in your letter:

  • Your company name and contact information (including any phone or fax numbers that may be changing)
  • Your effective move date
  • The new address (you may want to include directions, proximity to the former location, parking and/or public transportation notes)

‍You'll also want to print this letter on official letterhead using your company's font and logo. 

While business contacts and vendors only need the basic details, you may want to give more of an explanation to your employees and customers in order to drum up excitement and get in front of a million follow-up questions. Consider including things like:

  • The reason for the move: Office upgrade, more efficient space, better parking options, business expansion, access to freeways or public transportation lines, proximity to other major business centers. 
  • Details about the new place: Floor number, neighboring businesses, parking, access to public transport, and facilities.
  • Benefits: More room, amenities, nearby lunch spots, parks and attractions
  • Timeline: List moving milestones such as the last day at the old office, the first day at the new office (and any overlap), when things need to be packed up, and where boxes and other items should be placed.
  • Any changes to schedules as a result of the move: This is especially important for employees who may have increased commute times.
  • Associated promotions or collaborations: A grand opening, open house, or friend referral discount are fun ways to ensure client loyalty and even generate leads. If you move next to a business that complements yours, that may also be a good chance to cross-promote or collaborate.
  • Who to contact if someone has a question: This person should be available to respond to inquiries within two business days.

Templates for Business Moving Announcements

The way you word your change of address announcements will be different for customers, employees, and vendors. But don't worry, we've got handy letter templates ready to go! Just copy the text to edit your own. 

How to Handle Move-Related Conflicts

Some employees and customers may be unable to squeeze longer travel times into their day, and you may be moving out of a vendor's delivery zone. 

The best solution to these conflicts is to be open to possible work workarounds, like schedule adjustments or a grace period for employees. For example, you might tweak your tardiness policy to allow employees to be 10 minutes late the first month you're in the new location.

You can also sell more items online for customers who can't make it to you as frequently. If you have vendors who can't get to you as easily, ask for their nearest branch or referrals for service in the new neighborhood. 

It's also key to designate a person who can answer all the inevitable questions. Transparency and availability will make everyone involved feel prioritized.

How Should You Deliver This Letter?

Employees and business partners will appreciate an email and/or formal printed letter sent to them personally. They will also need the most details about the logistics involved, so having everything outlined in one place will help keep things streamlined. 

For the most part, customers will not require as many details, so if a longer notification feels like overkill, you may want to send a quick email or a business postcard. 

Remember to update all websites and social media accounts, including review sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews

If you send out a regular client e-newsletter, be sure to include: "We're Moving!" (or a variant) in the subject line. It is also a good idea to send a "We've Moved" follow-up reminder. No one wants to show up to an empty building!

De-Stress the Mess

Giving a head's up on the logistics of a business move ahead of time will save you, and your team, a ton of headaches. 

Putting the details of the change in writing up to a month in advance with an explanation and timeline gives them the info they need to adjust smoothly to the change. 

By providing a clear outline of what to expect and how they can help, everyone will be able to keep their cool, pitch in, and share in the excitement of starting a new chapter. 

From employees to customers to your copy machine technician, keeping everyone in the know makes sure that no one gets left in the dust. 

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